Research + Archives

Beginning in 2006, Foundation archivists have worked with the extensive materials left by the Founders, with the intent of placing them in permanent institutions where they would be available for research and study.

Tracy Goldberg, Carol Doty, Susan Dunn

Completed in 2019, Helen Morrison’s photographs and papers and Sybil Shearer’s archives were gifted to The Newberry Library in Chicago. That same year, all Morrison-Shearer Foundation films, videos, and sound recordings were also gifted to Chicago Film Archives. Active research is underway at these institutions.

The Newberry Library: Helen Balfour Morrison Papers

The Newberry Library: Sybil Shearer Papers

The Newberry Library: Helen Balfour Morrison Photographs of Kentucky Freetowns

Chicago Film Archives: Morrison-Shearer Collection 1940-1997