Although photographs were needed for publicity as the Sybil Shearer Company got started, it is possible that many more were taken just because Helen got swept away enjoying the new activities. The earliest pictures were taken when Within This Thicket went into production in 1959, mostly of dancers in rehearsal clothes. As time went on, photos of costumed dancers were made, too. Many of Sybil’s dances had quirky names that added to the fun, for example, “Sanity Doesn’t Quibble,” “Singing Insects Are Happy Enough,” and “The Reflection in the Puddle Is Mine.”

Paul Bernel, Mel Spinney. Within This Thicket, 1959.

From left: Sybil Shearer, Masao, Tom Jarumba, Toby Nicholson. Within This Thicket, 1959.

"Singing Insects Are Happy Enough," from Fables and Proverbs

Tom Jaremba, Toby Nicholson, Masao, and Sybil Shearer in Within This Thicket, 1959.

Mia Maru, Gretchen Walther. Within This Thicket, 1959.

Sybil with Jane Waller, Gretchen Walther, Nan Buck, Mia Maru, and Joan Ehemann in Within This Thicket, 1959

From left: Toby Nicholson, Nan Buck, Shelby Mattis, John Neumeier. Within This Thicket, 1959.

Masao, Johnnie Bengston. Within This Thicket, 1959.

Sybil Shearer with Johnnie Bengston, carpenter turned dancer, and unidentified dancer, 1950's