The MSF Trustees, 2019.

The Morrison-Shearer Foundation Trustees, 2021

Tain Balfour*                
Former educator; niece of Helen Balfour Morrison

Susan Bodine Boléa*     
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist; former dancer, Sybil Shearer Company       

Shayne Bullen             
Former educator and high school administrator; former dancer, Sybil Shearer Company; currently a Cabi business owner 

Liz Kidera                   
Architect and museum exhibition designer

Toby Nicholson*         
Former dance and drama teacher; former dancer, Sybil Shearer Company; currently a director of children’s theater

Sarah Rigdon              
Retired accountant and business woman; currently a volunteer with The Nature Conservancy

Christopher J. Rutt     
Dance Division Coordinator, New Trier Township High School

Brian M Schaeffer       
Financial planner; volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America

Alida Szabo                 
Prior position with Chicago Shakespeare Theater; currently an arts management consultant

Mary Sue Wheeler*      
Retired educator; former dancer, Sybil Shearer Company; currently a child behavior consultant

*Founding Trustees  

The Morrison-Shearer Foundation Staff, 2021

Scott Lundius
Executive Director, Morrison-Shearer Foundation