Residencies at Ragdale

Founded in 1976 on the former country estate of architect Howard Van Doren Shaw (1869-1926) in Lake Forest, Illinois, Ragdale is a nonprofit artists’ community that provides a peaceful place to work for artists working in many different disciplines from around the world.

Andrew Weeks Photography © 2023 PARA.MAR Dance Theatre
Sybil Shearer intended to offer residencies for contemplation and creation at her original Northbrook studio, but changes to the surrounding area made this dream impossible. As a result, the Morrison-Shearer Foundation selected Ragdale as the site for a new dance studio. Funded through a one-time, leadership gift from the Foundation, the Sybil Shearer Studio at Ragdale opened in the fall of 2021. The studio serves as a living legacy of Sybil Shearer and Helen Balfour Morrison and their creative partnership, providing an invaluable new creative resource for today’s dancemakers.
THE SYBIL SHEARER FELLOWSHIP AT RAGDALE began in 2016 and is awarded annually by the Morrison-Shearer Foundation.