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Leaving Her Own Legacy, Carol Doty Retires

After serving MSF as a Trustee since 2002 and Chair since 2006, it is poignant to be making my last report to you before my retirement at the end of this year. I met Sybil in 1993, not through dance, but through our mutual interest in Jens Jensen and The Clearing, his Wisconsin school where Sybil took her dancers in the 1940s and where I had volunteered since 1972. When we met there, I had no idea that it would lead to a quarter century of such rich opportunities and friendships. It has truly been a joy and a privilege.

Let me leave you with these thoughts, so crucial at this moment in history:  “Arts are infrastructure, as surely as roads, schools and hospitals are. They make life meaningful. They enrich our existence. They deserve our support.”



Sybil with Carol at Carol’s retirement from the Morton Arboretum in 1998.