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MSF Launches a New Website

Another longtime project is the new MSF website, launched in November, 2020, thanks to our graphic designer, Amy Jeppsen Stern, along with Carol Doty, Sue Boléa, and Corinne Pierog. Besides calling attention to current Foundation activities, the site is intentionally deep in content about Sybil, Helen, and their legacies. Until now, research information about them has been hard to find, something that has begun to change now that Sybil’s three-volume autobiography is complete and all archives are in the Newberry Library and Chicago Film Archives.

The best thing about the new website is that it is online and immediately accessible, offering both introductory and in-depth information with lots of photographs, links to other sites, and, eventually, film clips. We hope you’ll let us know what you think of it. Explore, share, and enjoy!