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AYAKO KATO – Sybil Shearer Fellowship at Ragdale: 2024

AYAKO KATO Sybil Shearer Fellowship at Ragdale: 2024 Photo: William Frederking During her residency fellowship at Ragdale, Ayako Kato will be working on ETHOS IV: Degrowth/Cycle/Rebirth, an evening-length piece created to shift focus from human-centered, capitalistic ways of being to a more symbiotic, nature-centered way of being. It will be premiered at the…
Scott Lundius
December 22, 2023

Through the Morrison-Shearer Foundation, dance maverick Sybil Shearer continues to enrich Chicago dance

Chicagoland’s dance community has an important and enduring friend in dance maverick Sybil Shearer and the Morrison-Shearer Foundation. The Foundation, established in 1991, perpetuates the legacy of dancer/choreographer Shearer and collaborator/photographer Helen Balfour Morrison as an inspiration for new creativity in the arts by providing grants, the Sybil Shearer Fellowship…
Kevin Sender
June 4, 2021

Volume III of Sybil Shearer’s Autobiography

Volume III of Sybil Shearer's autobiography, Without Wings the Way Is Steep: The Reality Beyond Realism, holds insights by the 20th Century modern dance pioneer during her later years, living alone in Northbrook (1985-2004) as critic, writer, and Anthroposophist. In it, her two worlds - dance and Anthroposophy - are…
Kevin Sender
November 2, 2020